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About Us


We are a people oriented organization, that is into telecommunication services, solar energy products and achievable affiliate programs that will give every member a rich and valuable reward on his/her participation.

Our Aim.

The major aim of pays4life is to create wealth for many especially those in the developing and under developed countries through telecommunications services, long lasting solar energy products and other e-services. with a very low cost registration you can take advantage of this unique system thereby enabling you to achieve financial success and empowering you to live your dreams.

Pays4life is an enthusiastic organization born out of the will of enriching its participants and empowering them to fulfil their long purposes through several means.

Our Vision.


Our Promise.

We give our users uninterrupted access to varieties of services such as mobile top up of airtime and data of all local networks at very reduced prices, ability to pay electricity bill and tv subscription through our platfrom and earn commissions when they make use of this services.

Our users earn commissions when they introduce others and make money from their daily purchases of our various services in Pays4Life.

Pays4life users will have access to quality solar products which will guarantee them 24/7 uninterrupted power supply.


We give our users access to various telecommunication services and renewalable energy products.

Data Purchase

Buy internet data bundles at very cheap and discounted prices and still get earn commission each time.

Airtime Purchase

Recharge your mobile number and mobile number of others to get paid. We support all local networks.

CableTV Subscription

Subscribe your Tv cable e.g, DSTV, GOTV and Startimes on Pays4life at cheaper rate and earn commission.

Utility Bill Payment

Pay eletricity bills for Prepaid and Postpaid meters through Pays4Life and earn commisions when done.

Bulk SMS Service

Send bulk sms to all local networks at a very low rate and earn commisions when you do this.

Solar Products and Services

Sales, installation and servicing of solar equipments such as solar panels, solar batteries, etc.

How it Works

By getting started with a one time registration fee of any of our packages, STARTER, BASIC and ADVANCE, Users will have access to services and financial benefits as follows:

Buy Data at Cheap Rates

Buy internet data for yourself and others at most affordable rates than anywhere else and still get paid commission.
You also earn commissions when anyone from your 1st to 10th generation makes purchases depending on your account level.

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Send Bulk Sms

Send bulk SMS at very affordable rates and also earn commissions when your downlines purchase bulk SMS up to your 10th generation.

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Buy Airtime

Recharge your line and others and receive commissions from everyone on your 1st to 10th generation when they Recharge.

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Pay Utility Bills

Earn commissions when you or anyone from your 1st to 10th generation pay their bills Electricity bills.

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CableTv Subscription

Earn commissions when you or anyone from your 1st to 10th generation subscribe their cable Tv such as Dstv, Gotv, Startimes .

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Monthly Business Earning (MBE)

Make money when you or anyone from your 1st to 10th generation generation participate in our MBE. Your earning potential with this option is unlimited however it is optional.

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Referral Incentives

Earn direct and indirect referral commission from anyone that joins between your 1st and 10th level. You also earn leadership bonuses as your team grows.

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Solar Proucts and Services

Sales installation and servicing of solar equipments such as solar panels, solar batteries, solar fridges, solar air conditioners etc.

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Flight and Hotel Booking

Use Pays4Life to book flights and hotels at cheaper rate and get paid when done.
Note: This service is upcoming.

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Our compensation plan is unique and easily achievable to anyone interested and determined.

Referral Rewards.

Users will earn 20% from anyone they refer directly.
The earning potential here is unlimited as you can introduce as many as you want.

Indirect Referral Rewards.

You earn between 10% on the first level to 1% on the 10th level without your own effort. Your earning potential is also unlimited here as you encourage and help your team grow.

Direct and Indirect Service Bonuses.

Our users will earn commisions when they purchase any service on our platform and will earn when their direct or indeirect referral purchase a service. Your earning potential is huge and unlimited, encourage others and grow your team.

Monthly Business Earning.

This business model was created in order to create a consistent monthly cash flow into accounts of P4L members. It enables you to earn continuesly every month from the activities of everyone under your structure up to 10th level deep.

Leadership Compensation.

As your team grows, Pays4Life gives you rewards points that are claimable when it gets to a certain number.
Reward Points are claimable compensations, The worth ranges from ₦5,000 to ₦100,000,000 and earning reward points is easy because our reward points value is huge and you can achieve them easily without stress.